What you should know before getting a scooter

If you are tired of sitting in a traffic jam and wishing you had some form of magic wand to transport you to a different place, then maybe it is time for you to buy a scooter. Think of the cool air washing over your whole body on a warm summer evening as you ride around town.

With fuel prices getting higher and unpredictable with each passing day, more people are beginning to embrace the use of alternative means of transport such as motorcycles and scooters.

Scooters are gaining popularity because they are lighter and easier to use. Since they have automatic transmission, you do not have to undergo elaborate training for you to learn how to ride one. Most people who own scooters also say that the sense of liberation and adventurousness they feel instantly relieves stress.

If you are considering buying a scooter, or borrowing one, then some of the things you should bear in mind include:

You must protect yourself

As much as having a scooter or motorcycle provides ultimate fun, it can also be very dangerous. The speed, coupled with the fact that the mode of transport is in two wheels does not give a good balance in case you hit something and stumble over. That is why you should have maximum protection while riding on your bike. Your riding gear should comprise of:

  • Long sleeved jacket that is sturdy enough to keep strong winds off and protect you from getting too cold as the wind blows against your body.
  • Eye wear to protect your eyes from the sun, dust and objects that may fall into your eyes.
  • Helmet that is approved

If you live in Australia, you may need to get certified helmets under the Australian/New Zealand standards or one that has been approved by Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. The availability of internet access and online shopping has opened the market for buying protective gear, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you are buying from a standardized and accredited dealers.

  • Full fingered gloves

Make sure that the gloves you buy have a firm grip to avoid them slipping away when you are riding.

You should have a special licence

You need proper documentation and licensing before you can take your scooter out for a ride. For you to be given a license, you should do a written and driver’s test that will gauge your competency before you can be allowed on the road with your scooter. You should also take a motorcycle safety class to protect yourself and other road users.

You should get insurance

You need insurance for your scooter just as you do with a motor vehicle. There are several factors that insurance companies consider when providing cover to scooter riders. They look at age, experience, and personal factors. When getting insurance, you should also consider adding passenger insurance for moments when you will have an extra person on your scooter.

Think of the type of scooter you want to get

There are many models and styles of scooters that you can choose from depending on preferences. When choosing the engine size (ranges from 50-800 cc) think of what you will use the scooter for. If you want a small scooter that you will use to move around short distances, then the 50 cc engine is good enough for you. If you are considering longer trips in rough terrains, then go for a scooter that is 300 cc and above.

Do thorough research

No matter how strong the desire to step out of the house and just buy a scooter is, take some time to do basic research. Look at reviews of the machine you desire, and what other users have to say about it. Compare prices and see if you can get a good bargain. If you are buying a second hand scooter, you should ask the buyer as many questions as possible so that you know the kind of scooter you will get. You should also read fine prints to see if the company selling will service and replace parts of the scooter if you encounter problems.

Make sure you maintain your bike

Scooters are not high maintenance and if you take care of yours well, it can serve you for many years without developing mechanical problems. For maintenance, you should regularly change the oil and check for any loose parts to prevent chances of you getting into an accident. Maintaining your scooter will also make it serve you better and longer. If you are not sure of how to maintain it, you can contract a professional.