Tips on Buying a Second Hand Motorcycle

Buying motorcycles or scooters can be expensive, especially if you are aiming for the high engine bikes. However, finances should not stop you from getting a good bike. You can buy a second-hand one that will serve you just as well as a new one would. The following tips can guide you when it comes to buying a second-hand machine.

Do Your Research

Just the fact that a seller has put the specifications online does not mean that it is a good bike. Do your research by reviewing what other people have to say about the model, and if the specifications are written correctly. You should also research on whether it is the ideal bike for the track you intend to use it for.

Buy from Reputable Second Hand Shops

It does not matter how much of a bargain the deal appears to be, do not be tempted to buy from dodgy online sites that do not guarantee security and quality. Several people have been duped by deals that sounded too good only to realise they had been posted by scammers.

Insist on Paperwork

Even if the bike is not new, ask the seller if they can provide receipts and other evidence of purchase. You do not want to be a recipient of a stolen item. You should also ask for the master key and a stamped service book.

Ask to Ride It

Just the same as when you are purchasing a car, you should ride the scooter or motorcycle to test if it lives up to the selling points promised. Riding towards Euro venues it will also help you identify if it has faults that the seller did not inform you about. Make sure you try out all the parts, including the brakes, clutch and steering. You should also pay close attention to the wheels.

Know Your Budget

Before you start searching for a second-hand scooter or motorcycle, know how much you are willing to spend on it. Once you set up your budget, you should be able to stick with it and even be prepared to walk away and wait for another offer. Do not be overwhelmed by a seller who tries to convince you to abandon your budget.

Do a Thorough Outward Inspection

Carry with you a screwdriver and a torch so that you can give the bike a thorough inspection before you walk away with it. If the transaction is being done in a dark garage, beam your torch and check for rusts and bumps that could be hidden behind stickers.