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Welcome to our website which focuses on the various aspects concerning motorcycles, scooters and races. We have several easy to read articles which delve into this fun and exciting topic. Readers can either go through the entire site or pick out a specific section of content that best appeals to their interests.

One of our articles details the various tips on how to properly buy a second hand motorcycle. We talk about the important research that should be done before making a purchase. This article also addresses the budgetary concerns that come with doing this. It also explains why certain inspections are crucial for making sure that a bike is road worthy.

Another of our articles explains exactly why it is worth getting a scooter or motorbike. There are many different reasons. This includes the cost effective nature of the vehicle, the fact that riding one can relieve stress, as well as the positive physical health benefits. This section also delves into how ownership of a bike is the first step to getting on the racing scene.

We continue the theme of racing in a separate section that can help people get into this profession. There is an abundance of advice including how to get an instructor, the methods for joining clubs and the best ways to attain a sponsorship deal. This information could prove to be invaluable for those who are interested in getting into this exciting sport.

In recent years, people have recognised the benefits of owning a scooter. This is a specific type of motorbike known for its enclosed engine seating and flat floorboard for resting the rider’s feet. We have provided an article on what to know before getting one of these bikes. We list the protective gear you will need to wear, as well as the special licenses and insurance that should be acquired.

Finally, we have an article that focuses solely on the concept of racing sponsorship. We explain the importance of brands and personal networking. This part of the site will be of particular interest to those who already find themselves within the racing community.